Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Traffic Sites: Getting Your Online Ad Seen and Noticed

Advertising is the life line of small business. Ask any owner what his top wish is for his business and I guarantee it is getting more potential customers to notice the business. When we talk about this online, it is translated by using the word traffic. Free traffic sites are places that let you exchange ads with others and get your ad seen in exchange for watching other folks ads. It could be banners, email, websites, text ads or similar mediums you are exchanging, the principle is the same. So how do you get into getting all these free places to show people what your business is all about? Let's look at some smart ways to get it done.

1) First, develop an overall advertising strategy. This will vary by what product your business is trying to sell or service you want people to use. For free advertising, I suggest starting by using forums and social sites as a start. You approach people in conversation that way and interested parties will pick up on your sig files on your posts.

2) When you advertise, use a squeeze page for the online viewer. You want to get into email marketing and you want to build a potential customer list. This allows email relationship marketing and allows you to use a sales funnel to present newsletters, updates and special sales info to your subscribers.

3) Plan some time for using free traffic sites to advertise. T o be effective at these type sites, it will be important to focus all your advertising for one ad. Granted, you will have to use tests to see what ads work the best, but when you do find it, try to stick with the one ad and use it everywhere. A pinpointed approach will capture more subscribers for your lists and result in growing the number of people who notice you.

4) Don't forget Blogs and local ads! They are good too. Use banners or text ads about your business on your blog. For local ads, flyers, cards and bulletin board posts are effective too. 

Lists address marketing should be a priority for your business; If you are not a writer, that's ok, hire someone to do it for you, but just get it done. You want to keep feeding information to your readers while at the same time sending them offers to take action on. A free ebook, 10% off a product for reading an email or any other offer can prompt readers to act. Offer a free class or give away a book to people that respond. If you stay in their email box, they will see and read your emails which is what you want.

Taking advantage of free traffic sites online is easy. Remember to plan your advertising, stay committed and take your time and do the follow up to make sure people get on your customer list. Building the list will build your business along with it and get you noticed.

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