Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have the Life You Deserve. Earn money from home.

Have the Life You Deserve. Earn money from home.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Using The Power of a Text Message To Build Business

Talking? It’s something everybody’s doing nowadays. Look around and just see how many cell phones you count. Cell phones are the new untapped business media that’s waiting to be tapped.

Just how do you tap into this market? Many bigger companies already do. They use software to text message their customers and clients. A lot of this is done on a national scale and most people view them as occasional service messages.

The big opportunity for text message marketing is local businesses. Statistics show 95% of local merchants have yet to get into using text messages as a business tool. How can it benefit your business?

  • Get your client list growing. If you are a home business, this one idea can get the word out about what you do really fast.
  • Product sales to get new business. Send out text messages on your newest product and offer incentives to your current customers to bring someone new to look at what you have.
  • Act as the guru. Offer your service as a text-messaging expert to other business owners and get a new revenue stream. They will be thrilled at the new business you bring and will pay a premium to you to manage it for them.
The potential power of text message advertising on a local scale is just coming into it’s own. Learn to harness it for your business. If you’ve been relying purely on the internet or regular advertising broaden your horizons. This may be the silver bullet you need to take your business to the next level.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog Money: 5 Ways to Get Paid for Blog Posts

Posts on a blog that are interesting to people bring traffic and added value to your home business. Often new bloggers find putting up new content a challenge. Keep it simple. Give your readers what they crave and go researching the world and bring it to them.

Blog money is what I like to call "added revenue". Your home business may provide you content from regular customers who you should contact everyday but your blog is like a window that allows readers to discover you. Let's look at unique ways you can use a blog to boost your business:

  • Product sales. Offering products you regularly market to your blog readers is one way to get revenue. You need to keep in mind who your readers are and target products to the demographic of people who read your content.
  • Ad revenue. Google ads, pay per post and private ads to your site are all good sources of revenue. Make sure the ads relate to the material you are producing.
  • Referral links. Include links to other sites your readers may be interested in. Make sure they give commissions for product purchases if you are sending buyers to their site.
  • Ebooks are another good source of revenue. They do take time to produce but a good ebook can be a great source of revenue.
  • Reader contributions. Not for everyone, but you can place a link for donations for people to donate to keep your blog up and running.
Blog posts are the key to keeping your readers coming back. Feed their intense desire for information and they will return seeking your posts out. Also, consider guest posting on other people's blogs. The world is a social place and you have to reach out by visiting other places your readers may be hanging out. Twittering posts are not bad and can be a way to encourage your friends to spread the word about your blog.