Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to Write Online Ads That Get Attention

How to Write Online Ads That Get Attention

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Using Flock Browser To Help Promote Yourself and Your Business

With today's Web2.0 internet, people are using social networking sites more and more. With the huge numbers of social networking sites that are out there, it becomes a chore to reach audiences on these sites. One tool I use is Flock browser. It is a Firefox based browser that makes it easy to keep up with your posts in different places. I particularly like the ease of accessing my Twitter and Facebook contacts so I can respond to people who update their pages or who leave me messages.

Flock browser's interface includes a "My World" page that allows you to keep up with feeds from a number of sources, updates from your friends on different sites, ability to search for terms on places like Twitter and more. You can update blog posts on platforms like Blogspot and WordPress with ease. I find it easy to bookmark my articles and send it out to my friends list at sites I frequent -- a tool that is extremely useful.

The People sidebar allows you to look at friends you've added at a particular site (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and any other social networking site supported by Flock) simultaneously where you can check out their posts, links, updated photos and more. You will also be able to see messages, friend requests, groups and other info in a snapshot. Often I scroll through these and use them to see who I need to respond to or use for a post if I am doing a promotion. Flock is a pretty versatile tool for acessing social networking sites and when you get to using it regularly, you will see it's value in promoting yourself and spreading word about your business.