Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Correct Way to Build Your Home Network Marketing Business

Life in the corporate world can be a nightmare and many folks would truly love to work from home. These days, commuting is such a problem especially with the high gas prices, and so many other people looking for jobs may be causing you to feel insecure and unhappy and worried if you are going to be replaced by someone who will take a lower income.

All those folks looking for employment are really becoming a danger to you and your personal security.

So many corporations are disposing of loyal and experienced workers, only to replace them with folks that are content to get the job done for far less than you are being paid! These companies don't deserve commitment at all; all they care about is their bottom line!

Home network marketing is something you can commence today while you have your other job. You can build it up with the purpose of making enough income for you put aside for emergencies, and to finally replace your income if you do get ousted from your current job.

Many people have begun a home network marketing business and are doing very well with it. The big issue is that so many people fail because they either don't put enough effort into it, they select a bad system to follow that doesn't work for them, or they treat their business rather more like a pastime, to be attended to just when they feel like it.

So do the opposite and put the chances of success in your favor. Treat your new home network marketing business like a real business. Schedule time to take the actions wanted to move your business forward in your off hours and on weekends.

Make a commitment to oneself and your folks to do whatever is obligatory and appropriate to make a profit both short term and long term. Be the manager you know you must become.

No more buying pricey and uncomfortable business clothing, no more wasting 10 hours a week stuck in traffic, no more eating unhealthy junk food lunches, and definitely no more working late for free . No more getting home so beat that you can't have a reasonable conversation or relax and have a great time with your friends and family. Oh and family vacations, can you remember those? All you have to do is take your laptop computer or tablet along with you, and you are going to be able to go on as many vacations as you need - just do one or two hours a day and relax and live life the way life is meant to be.

Can you grasp that picture in your mind's eye? That's a start! Do you actually have a sales background? Do you cope with the general public every day in a sales situation? If not, you can learn. The right network company can teach you if you are willing to learn. Open your horizons and you are off to the races.

If you want to line up a home network marketing business there are selection of things that you will have to do. Don't spend hours fishing around online for good concepts, you could waste irreplaceable time and just finish up confused and annoyed. It's totally simple to waste a lot of cash too.

Here is the secret to greatness in the "work from home network marketing" area find somebody who's already successful in attaining the results which you hope to reach yourself, team up with them and learn what they do and how they are doing it all you have got to do is replicate their techniques. That's it. Building a moneymaking network marketing business of your own can be just that simple, it is unimportant what you want to plug.

Sales and marketing is the key - not what you're promoting. There are many online systems you need to use to generate a good flow of leads, qualify those leads instantly, produce a nice stream of income regardless if they join your business or not, and literally grow your business on auto pilot.

Here's a great home network marketing lead generation system I highly suggest. It's called MLM Lead System Pro and it's a total package. I've talked about it before in the blog and this is your opportunity to take it for a spin and try it out. Click on the link below, get started in your home network business and start living your dreams right now.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Be Successful at Generating Leads And Commissions For Your Business

A lot of online marketers have difficulty in the region associated with producing qualified prospects for business. Lots of emphasis is placed on about actively enjoying the numbers pool regarding incorporating individuals to a listing of potential customers. Optimization could be a very time consuming method for you as a common internet marketer. For this reason, I suggest using a system which employs making use of automated MLM lead generation methods. These enable you to concentrate on maintenance and subsequent follow up on your prospect. The industry of doing follow up is more lucrative usage of your time and effort.

The key message is to pay attention to a method that may provide specific qualified prospects leading to groups of people you would like to contact. Magnetic attraction prospecting is about using such a type program. I prefer it because it is creates upfront attraction advertising that can bring people to your company rather than forcing you to chase after qualified prospects and prospects. Mike Dillard created this technique that produces income avenues for your company. At the same time, this creates quality network marketing qualified prospects.

A fantastic element in selecting an automatic MLM leads technique is working in the moment. You'll need a method that won’t require a bunch of time for you to run. Great systems guide you step-by-step and save the trouble of doing everything personally.

One more aspect of the excellent product is it's instructional value. Many web marketers lead with the concept of as to "how". However, the real value is in what to market plus a good system; this takes extra time to teach. There's a myriad of methods who promise significant results, however these programs simply supply filler material and bare claims. Do your research and be sure you will find one that will give you a fantastic basis within insider type internet marketing strategies.

Personalization needs to be a crucial a section of the marketing. A good method will promote you as an individual, your website, along with your major online marketing company. This is a huge challenge with regard to second-rate methods. Look closely at exactly the method provided for marketing. If it doesn’t do anything whatsoever for branding your business, it’s not for you.

Excellent prospecting techniques permit team development, a critical aspect in many internet marketing organizations. A team building element will assist you to look at individuals who are in your business, how to get in touch with them and teach specific training techniques, and enable you to track and qualify metrics happening within your business enterprise.

The kind of system I personally use is MLSP the industry most excellent automated MLM lead generator method. This gives you a great selection of tools and an excellent method on just how to market your company. It contains a library of education through industry experts, an internet marketing boot camp, and several choices for training on lead generation for instance Facebook, Twitter, running a blog and much more.

A recommended place for you to start with this program is by not necessarily changing the actual controls. You can be successful generating excellent MLM leads as well as the process isn't hard. Utilize proven methods to attain getting prospects to your business, get the right education and see how easy lead generation can be.

Tribe Marketing Strategies Disclosed - Is Tribe Marketing a Trend?

Historically, tribe marketing has meant promoting products and services within a specific social group - like promoting only to stay at home moms or to disabled vets. The idea has been to increase results by making your marketing fit inside a tribal community better by talking the same language if you will. But online tribe marketing means something totally different. Here is a short list of benefits:

* Automated Back link Syndication
* Automated Facebook Integration
* Automated Twitter Integration
* Automated Blog User Collaboration
* Automated SEO Processes
* Automated Live Traffic Systems
* Increased ROI

A Deeper Look at Tribe Marketing

Increasing exposure is the name of the game when it comes to marketing any business both offline or online.

Goods and services simply do not sell themselves. Online driven targeted traffic to your sales pages, your blog articles and posts in social media outlets is critical.

One extremely effective way to do this offline has been to form advertising or marketing cooperatives. Here is where you collaborate with other non-competing players and share the price tag and rewards of a joint promotion. Maybe you split costs and share a full-page ad, each running a half-page ad.

Now imagine getting together with a "tribe" composed from dozens, even tons of like-minded marketing consultants with the aim of auto-syndicating their material and, in exchange, having them auto-syndicate your content to their network of social bookmarking accounts, Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 properties.

Tribe marketing is a huge content syndication platform.

Automated Social Media Marketing on Steroids

To take full advantage of the tribe marketing idea you must be prepared and able to mechanically share other member's content thru a spread of social media networks.

The concept is the content you share, the more content your tribe marketing team members will share of yours.

To take full advantage of this new tribe marketing concept, you'll need to embrace the auto-syndication model.

How do marketeers benefit exactly?

Getting your value-based content and sales offers to rank high up on the leading search engine results page ( SERPS ) is the holy grail when it comes to captivating highly-targeted prospects and potential customers.

And while many considerations contribute to how well your content ranks, maybe the strongest factor are back links from other authority websites and pages.

As other tribe members share your content to their personal networks, you get the advantage of an implied endorsement.

This can mean more direct traffic, leads and easier sales.

One of the least obvious benefits are the potential relationships you create within your marketing tribe. Like you, these folks are marketing specialists always looking to increase profitability so think "partnership potential" and joint ventures.

Tribe Marketing on the Fast Lane

You have two basic selections. You can set up your own "tribe" and distribution processes or you can join an existing tribe with a full-blown system already in place.

You can form your own tribe by making a new forum, Buddy Press site or other social media site and invite folks to take part.

This will require some primary coding and marketing on your part as the administrator, you can establish your own rules of participation and syndication.

Better yet, you can join an already established tribe marketing platform like TribePro and be set up to start sharing and having your content shared literally within a couple of minutes. It's free. It's fast. It's simple.

Check it out and join the tribe marketing revolution today. And if you are actually serious about taking your business to the next level, see also MLSP for the Web best lead generation platform.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Make the Best Facebook Fan Pages for Advertising Your Business

If there's a common thread which goes through a large number of internet marketing accounts of success, aside from the effort and hard work element, the desire for individuality and innovation is about the most prominent.

The best Facebook Fan pages achieve that very element. Just because there are no two prosperous businesses offline that are exactly the same, Facebook has given the thumbs up to business owners to be able to bring their advertising and marketing projects to new heights. These businesses excel by constructing highly original and content rich pages that can be compared to WordPress blog designs or perhaps a top Squidoo lens. It is true many online web designers are offering expert creations for Facebook business pages and some of these are certainly cost-effective ways of getting widely known on Facebook. Based upon on your kind of business, you can adapt a lot of these designs to fit your plans perfectly.

It is a snap to combine amazing layouts in your Facebook business site as well instructional videos, and mp3 sound bites, along with other interactive components, as well as the traditional options you can incorporate in a Facebook business page.

Seven Hundred Million People Can't Be Wrong

I don't believe that anyone could possibly have dreamed how Facebook would've grown after its early days, but it is still growing and the people that run Facebook are eager to keep ahead of technology. To that end, no business, either big or small, can pass up the opportunity to grow and develop a large Facebook fan base. By having any of the unique Facebook themes created specifically for use in your small business, there is no reason why your online efforts won't benefit from the attention of many of those millions of fans.

Unlike the internet, if you want to advertise on Facebook by using their comprehensive demographics you'll be able to target your ads at highly qualified people without having to feel concerned far too much about search engine optimization and other complications which compel web entrepreneurs to keep up with Google's ceaseless algorithm tweaks. In Facebook if a person likes you they are going stay a Fan providing you treat them right and give each of them what they desire.

The Best Facebook Fan Page - Unique is Good

Lady Gaga is good, but would she have been as popular if she didn't dress in all of those crazy outfits?

Take a leaf out of her experience, your Facebook Fan page can look like Lady Gaga - if that craziness is could possibly be suited to your online business and eventually be among the best sites on Facebook.

Everyone is on the lookout for new and totally different right now, it can be challenging to compose something that is totally unique, but with the correct research as well as some testing, you may possibly be able to come up with a Facebook Fan page that becomes one of the most visited pages. People connect and that's what you want above all on a social media site -some of the weirdest videos on YouTube have gone viral, and your hope is your Facebook fan page may do the same.

Study Your Competitors

Part of your research when you opt to start a Facebook fan page, is snooping around on the best Fan pages to see the key reasons why they are so well received and having a look at your competitors̢۪ sites to find out which aspects you can incorporate as well as which may be made better.

Of course these Fan pages have come about for a reason - don't lose sight of that, you happen to be creating this to generate income and build up your customer base, so what you may implement should be an effective tool to that end. Could you build one of the best Facebook Fan pages? Effectively using Facebook to market can be a challenge. Getting good Facebook marketing training for how to market your business or product is essential.

Is it Right What They Are Saying About "Your Wish Is Your Command"?

Many individuals these days are on the lookout for a way not only to become made but to become spiritually happy too.

Is it possible that 10 CD's could change somebody's life and divulge the hidden secrets to making fabulous sums of money in a short amount of time?

Is Kevin Trudeau's CD course entitled Your Wish Is Your Command honestly the way to becoming fabulously well off? Below we'll set out some of our thoughts on this program, some positive, and some not so positive.

Hopefully this will help you to choose whether this course is good for you.

The Advantages

There are folk who truly do believe in the law of attraction, which simply boils down to you getting what you need if you actually want it. Whatever it is : a hunky new partner, sounder health, fantastic wealth - you get the idea, and according to Mr. Trudeau after listening to his CDs you can better attract those things you actually want.

Mr. Trudeau says that everything that has been written before about the Law of Attraction is just a little taste of what is to come in his course.

This course starts off to give new insights about maximizing the supposed powers of the Law of Attraction. The set is based on a collection of lectures that were recorded by Kevin Trudeau and for which attendees paid $10,000 each! Bearing that in mind the price of this course is only $300, it could appear like an absolute bargain. Mr. Trudeau also claims that some of these so-called techniques were gained while an affiliate of certain secret societies who use the law of attraction to become fabulously loaded.

Another course that is fabulously popular on the law of attraction is Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring. I can personally attest to the great material contained in it as I have used much of the material in my own business. Mike also has a great support system and follow up for people who take the plunge and purchase the product. As of this writing, the cost of the program is $39.95 which is very reasonable and affordable.

The Drawback of Your Wish Is Your Command

For many years, the program has been available but there's no definite proof regarding whether the program works or not.

There aren't any material manifestations or tangible tools presented so as to prove that earning $10,000 in twenty-four hours is feasible. When buying this type of instructional audio books, one should be aware of the fact that they're bare tools to help one in attaining his dreams or wishes. It is not like buying a magical item, for example a ring or a lamp with a genie that will be able to grant all your wishes in an instant.

While the Law of Attraction can hurry along the process of achieving wealth, this can be an insurmountable problem if one will not take action and work tirelessly to meet and surpass goals.

Is Your Wish Is Your Command actually worth a monetary investment? Well it's your decision to make that call. It could be the one course that you may ever need - you'll jump up and become an immediate success overnight, but who knows? Like anything, it's horses for courses. You might spend the remainder of your life reading books about the concept of getting wealthy, but till you get up and deal with it, nothing is ever going to work, except maybe a winning Powerball ticket.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Developing An Effective Lead Generation Process: A Simple Primer

Without leads no business online or off can be successful, so knowing how to make tightly-targeted leads is going to be the powerhouse behind your profitable company.

However, not all lead generation processes are equal in quality. A lower quality lead generation process can end up costing a business far more than it may seem to at the start. The system you use needs to focus primarily on attraction marketing - the meat and potatoes of lead generation. Without it, you are constantly chasing leads and prospects which you need to avoid.

For instance, if the leads being generated aren't correctly qualified during the process of marketing, the company will have wasted time and money on disinterested and unqualified clients.

The advertising response rate plunges, and the corporation's cash decreases, which is a pattern that may ultimately produce cataclysmic results.

Creating leads can be a labor intensive endeavor. Offline lead generation process means meeting prospects face to face in physical locations as well contacting them by phone. Leads that are generated at trade shows and other events must be placed in a database and approached one by one.

The business may need to mail information to the prospects, which can also be a costly activity. Such leads must be qualified and then passed off to the organization's sales department, where a sale will perhaps be made in the near future.

Online lead generation looks to be far more easy on the face of it, but if you are the owner of your own MLM or network marketing company, you know that simply isn't true. Rather than fishing in a sea looking for the right fish, you are fishing in a vast sea of folk, none of whom have heard about you, or your tiny business!

It takes resources to correctly launch any business, and the more money one can invest, the better, as this way an adequate staff can be employed with the aim of lead generation and other activities that are critical to the company's success. Money must also be spent to publicize properly, as this is an avenue through which more leads can be produced.

If you are asking why your internet site is not rewarding you with a few sales by this time, because you have followed the entire menu of things you should do like writing quality articles, getting back links, using autoresponders to promote your product via email campaigns and all that other mandatory stuff, what are you doing wrong?

If you're like 97% of all internet marketers at that point, you may probably be thinking about giving up and going back to the arena of offline selling.

You were good at it. But there are not any roles! The people in line ahead of you are individuals who are far more qualified than you are!

Even if a reputable business may be found through which to acquire new, qualified leads, this is an especially dear option as the leads must be paid for no matter whether or not they are converted to sales. In this respect, a home business can find that profits are being eaten up in lead generation costs. If raising prices to provide compensation for this is not a choice, the company then finds itself in a bad position.

How about a lead generation system that has been proven to work for thousands and is simple to execute and lets you stay in charge of your business? No passing the lead around like a squalling baby it's yours from starting point to end point.

What about a system that keeps you on the leading edge of innovative and effective lead generation that will put your business back on its feet fast?

MLMLeadSystem Pro is such a system. It has a vast array of tools you can use to promote any business or product. It has lots of training aids so even if you are a newbie. it's a great deal. I use it exclusively to advertise my business online as it is a natural lead generator. Check it out and give it a test drive right now! Click the link below and see what real lead generation is all about.

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Going for Traffic - The Best Way to Write Articles for Maximum Effect

The way you construct your articles should be part of your overall article marketing strategy and is an important strategy when you write for a submission to an article marketing directory or for your own web site. The use of key phrases is extremely crucial in each article and keyword selection is the way that readers and Google discover you, bringing you site traffic. Every single keyword ought to be extremely carefully selected and further analysis undertaken to see what sites are using those particular keywords. You also need to determine if you can compete with the top web sites which are making use of those keywords.

The Construction Zone

If you do not like to write, or think you are not good at writing it is a good idea to spend some time reading some of the top articles in article directories. You will be able to see how they're written and constructed and how they lead a reader down towards the author bio box in the bottom of the page. The best articles include plenty of short paragraphs and they're written in frequent language and that means not making use of too many complex words that your reader may possibly not recognize. A good tool for assisting you with your writing is Unique Article Wizard.

White space is really crucial too. Your reader really should not be confronted with something that looks like a thesis; by getting several areas which are free from words your article will appear to be less complicated and enjoyable to read. Do not put links to your site or other goods within the body of your article, your article may be rejected. They really should only be placed inside your author bio box.

Read This Now!

Many individuals these days might not read all of the words within your page. They are looking for specific phrases and expressions which could be crucial to their principal issue and should you be able to make use of these in headings the reader may possibly properly just skip to the aspects of your article content that interest him most. Headings are essential in a piece of writing they ought to be brief and enticing.

Article Body

Be certain to use keyword phrases one time in the beginning of your article, a few times within the primary body of the content (based on the word count) and soon after that yet another time inside the final sentence. Lots of people are on internet sites trying to find solutions to concerns or inquiries and you should try to make your article enlightening and helpful. Work on steering the reader down to the bottom of the page exactly where your author bio or resource box is. Inside the resource box you should include a call to action, motivating an individual to click for further information.

Your lead capture page should be here and should be made readily available to the reader. Even though you are article writing to appeal to the major search engines, you ought to keep in mind it's real breathing people who are reading your article. It does get extremely simpler soon after you've crafted many different articles. Scour your content frequently and figure out what articles are attracting the most quality visitors.  By doing this frequently, it really is straightforward to put together even better articles making use of the same techniques that make you successful. Making use of bullet points also makes appearance of written content material appealing and tasteful to the reader.

A Final Word

When you have finished your article you'll be able to rewrite it or spin it and submit it to hundreds of other article marketing directories. The reason for rewriting them is to ensure that each and every article is distinctive towards the article directory you submit it to. This need to usually be component of your article marketing strategy. Google will only index a single copy of an article and ignore the rest.

Article marketing is truly one of my favorite ways of promoting online. it makes your site promotion unique and is one of the best ways of attracting people to your site and to what you have to offer. Doing it right is what counts. Take the time to perfect your techniques and methods and you can master it in no time at all.

Attraction Marketing System

Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Internet Marketing - Optimizing Your Site For Success

Small business internet marketing isn't about building a website and then hoping for the best. People will only visit your site after you get into the practice of working and maintaining your website regularly.

The foundation of any successful website is the thoughtful selection of keywords. You will never be successful if you choose keywords that attract millions of searchers that puts your site in competition with lots of higher ranking sites. If you sell shoes, you can't go head to head with, Payless Shoes or any other great corporations that are already in that business. You have got to look for an underutilized segment or "niche" within that overall heading of shoes, such as "pink stilettos" and then use it as a keyword. These keywords called "long tail keywords" or "keyword phrases" will instantly get you further up the major search engines than by simply using the word "shoes". Google's Keyword tool is perfect location for people just starting out to find under-used phrases or long tail keywords.

By entering the phrase "pink stilettos" Google's keyword tool will tell you just how many searches there has been during the past month for that particular phrase, both worldwide and in the US. If you need to conduct a much more in-depth key phrase analysis there are a number of other programs you can get. The program I use is a tool called Market Samurai. Market Samurai is a great user friendly tool that is very powerful and allows you to literally put your site on the first page in the major search engines. Whichever tool you choose you'll have to pay very close attention to the results you get from it and choose what keywords you will be targeting for your articles.

If a keyword returns around five thousand searches a month or more, that's the optimum amount of traffic you are looking for. The choice of using either local or worldwide search results is totally dependent upon the product you are promoting. You must be on the first page of the search engines to make a difference and it will take a large amount of persistence and tough work on your part to get there. The reason you want to be on page one is that's where the real money is being made.

Google looks for websites that are updated regularly and contain content that is relevant to the theme of the site. By incorporating your selected keyword into your nicely-crafted articles and submitting them every day or two will keep robots and visitors coming back. Keywords should be incorporated in the 1st and last paragraphs with a handful in the body of the article. If you incorporate Google Adwords on your internet site, those keywords will trigger suitable adverts and additional income.

The second part of the site traffic equation is back links. These are the biggest issue of any website owner. There isn't any easy method to get around building good important back links. Don't even consider purchasing back links from a link farm. Google knows all about link farm and will severely penalize you for using them. There aren't any WordPress plug-ins for building back links, only ones that get you back links through "do follow" blogs - not the way you want to get back links.

Article marketing is a great way to get back links as most article directory sites allow you to have one link to your website. Be prepared to submit handy and topical articles, either directly to an article marketing site, or to several via a "hub" that can distribute your articles to several article sites. Doing this doesn't cost a great deal of money and is a very efficient way of posting articles. You should utilize a good article marketing software tool such as AMR to produce the greatest results from your article promotions.

Small internet business marketing involves many other methodologies we won't cover here but the above points are the most important and most cost-effective for getting started. Want to professionally build your business and put it on autopilot? It's time to get smart, stop reinventing the wheel and do what successful people in this business do everyday. Use a system like MyLeadSystemPro that can do the heavy lifting for you and incorporate all the tools you need in one place. It's a turn key system that can shoot your small business right to the top.



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Internet Marketing: Following the Affiliate Code for Online Profit

There are a ton of blogs out there. With so much competition, you have to learn how make your blog distinct and memorable. Blog internet marketing is the tool you have to learn to make money with your blog and get the traffic you need to reach your readership goals. While you can get an expert to do it for you, or use software, the best blogs are the ones you construct yourself. Some great blog ideas:
1.       Choose a domain name you can use to brand your blog. Using your own name is unique and a great idea. Never use a host that won’t let you use your own domain name.
2.       Use a reliable blog platform. I highly suggest using a host that will let you use the Word Press platform. Word Press is popular, very user friendly, and has a lot of plugins and templates to help you construct the look and feel you desire.
3.       Do keyword research. Google Adwords has a great tool for this and is a place to get started on looking for keywords to frame blog posts around. You can purchase keyword tools (Market Samurai is a good example) that can give you more detailed information on keywords.
4.       Optimize your blog for the search engines. Meta tags, descriptions, pinging are all great ways to optimize your site. 

You Can Do Blog Marketing Anywhere,

All You Need is Focus and a Pen and Paper! 

Another suggestion is join a blog advice site like Copyblogger. This is the ultimate resource for building an authoritative blog you can be proud of. I still review the many articles they have on blog internet marketing and they are the best. If you must model someone and build a blog, I strongly suggest you start here.

Blogging is not an amateur sport. True, you need to learn from some source and the best educational course to build a successful internet business doing blogging is MyLeadSystemPro. The secret to MLSP is the complete training library they have for members. Just plugin and you can learn all the ins and outs of proper blogging. I use them extensively and the resources here are phenomenal. Blogging kings like Ray Higdon and Rob Fore are two reasons you don’t want to miss out on this vital training.

So how often should you do blog internet marketing? Blogging 4-5 times a week is a good number and can help you to drive traffic to your blog. But make sure you have quality content when you write and keep your blog relevant to your main topic. You will have to work to get backlinks to your site and that means communicating with other blog writers. If they pick up a post or article of yours (and give you credit), be quick with accolades. Don’t be afraid to mention names of other bloggers when you post and even post other articles or have guest writers if it’s appropriate.
Where’s the affiliate code to online profit to be had in blog posting? It’s a three-fold process and the key word here is focus. Where do you want to direct your readers to and what is the purpose of your blog? Do you have services or advertising that can catch your reader’s eye? Is there a tie-in to your primary business (if that’s a target of your blog) that your reader can go to if their interest is piqued? Blog monetization should be carefully considered and take care that you don’t distract from the main item you want your blog to focus on.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How To Be Successful At Generating Leads And Commissions

There are a lot of internet experts out there telling you that the best way to be successful at  building your business would be to concentrate on doing it on the internet. And they would be right - the internet is the best medium you can use for getting new leads and prospects. But how do you stop the "run and chase after' game of getting people to look at your business? You have to have a game plan and you have to be executing it on a regular basis to attract people who will seek you out and who want what you have.

Getting Past the #1 Problem - Learning the 

Internet Marketing Business the Right Way

If you want to build a system to generate leads and commissions, you got to learn 1-2 methods of marketing online. Traffic is the name of the game and it's more science than luck. You need people that are actively seeking your product or service out and they need to see your lead page. Period. You are not looking for the person wanting to buy a bunch of celery (unless that's the business you are in).

You need to get qualified visitors every day to your page and you need lots of them. In addition, you need proven lead pages that will convert those visitors into qualified leads that sign up. This will give you a never ending source of leads - people that want what you have and who want to know how to get it.

Here are some good converting lead pages I use:

If you built pages like this, it would take you time to build the pages, test them out, and to put them up. You can do what I do and save the time and frustration of generating leads and commissions. Using this system has been the best decision I've made since being an internet marketer and I know it can help you too.

How to Solve the #2 Biggest Problem: 

How Do I Make Money When I Have to Spend It 

In the First Place?

Having this problem is a big reason a lot of internet marketers give up and quit. I too have tried to avoid buying products like autoresponders,  domain names, lead capture page systems, marketing and such. If this is your problem, read on...

What keeps us from doing these things to make our business a success? I think it's because we don't have the reliance in believing we can earn enough to cover these costs. It's quite a challenge and hurdle that's hard to overcome. So what do you do? Answer:

You have to have faith in yourself!!!

First, concentrate on mastering 1-2 marketing strategies  guaranteed to get you that traffic you need to generate leads and commissions. Then, you are on the way and in the fast lane to being a success. For me, the best ways to market are by article writing and blogging (very simple and amazingly very effective).

If you need a guide to show you how to get started right away and cut through all the hurdles and crap, hit me up on Facebook and send me a friend request. I promise you, you'll never believe how simple it is to do things the right way for a change and see some real results that will have the leads and commissions rolling in.

To Your Success,


Elridge "Get Def Wit' The Ref" Jones

Skype Me: kofnye



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Using Targeted Organic Traffic from Social Networking Sites to Build Your List

Everybody’s into social networking these days. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, profiles on LinkedIn and a number of other tools are what people are using to communicate with friends, family and others who share a common interest. Did you know that tapping into these sources can be an incredible source of traffic for your business website or blog? All you need are to sharpen a few tools in your arsenal to drag some of that needed traffic your way and glean some customers for your home business. Here are a few tips you can use to get targeted organic traffic from social networking sites:

• Use articles and news tweets to spread interest on your site. Create a free information sheet to hand out or giveaway and make a post to Facebook or Twitter to tell about it. Interested people will come over to see what the “buzz” is about and get the free info. Before you give it out, have them sign up to your list and then redirect them to the goods.
• Use viral friend advertising to advertise. Retweeting a great tweet and then adding your spin on it is one good idea. Post a great article from an article site and post on your Facebook wall to get others to check out the full article (on your site of course). On sites like LinkedIn and Stumble Upon, building up huge friend networks and then feeding them info like this often causes them to pass it along for you and good stories can go viral in no time.
• Feed your Facebook page. Constantly look for ways to build up your page’s fan base and post news to it at least 3 times a week. A Facebook page is a great page for offers to attract folks who are not yet on your email list.
• Use Youtube. Making your own videos is great, but you can piggyback on great videos you find there to post to Facebook or pass along to friends on other sites.

Once you get people on your list, make regular broadcasts and send your customers good content that will keep them coming back for more. Surveys, solicited email comments, offers and more are good ways to keep your lists cultivated and productive. Targeted organic traffic from social networking sites does not have to be complicated. Make your plan and keep at it every day. Regular efforts at this type of advertising will produce great results but you have to stay at it.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Put a $50 Bill in Your Pocket Everyday From Home

 Lots of struggling home business owners are discouraged due to the results they are getting when they try to run their online business. They ask themselves why after trying everything they have been taught it is so hard to put everything together and make it work. The fact is, you have to keep it simple. Easily said but just how do you get started and how can you help move things forward in your business? Here are a few tips that will make things easier and more successful for you:

1. Create content value. Creating content can be relatively simple if you put your mind to it. Not all of us are talented (and you don’t have to be), you just need to look at content from a business standpoint. You can make You Tube videos (or use someone else’s video to drive home a post on your blog or site), research articles and bring something to the site that will interest your readers or you can pay someone to create something for you – more about that in a minute.

2. Build a subscriber list. This is simply a list of people who like what they see and add themselves to an emailing list so they can see more. People are curious creatures by nature and they want to hear more about items they are interested in. Hook yourself up with a method to process your subscribers, no matter what your site is about and you’re in the game. My recommendation? I use TrafficLeads2Income as my method of getting subscribers and it works like a charm – it’s free to join and is a great tool to get a handle on your subscribers and it features a community of business folks as well; give it a try.

3. Write articles to drive traffic. Article directories are the work horse of the internet traffic industry and you want to be able to take advantage of this source of traffic for your site. I do 5 articles for each post I write and list them at 5 different article sites. If you are not a writer, you should hire someone to do it for you ( is a great site for finding people that are skilled at this and you can find them at good terms). The key to good articles are keywords and content (see step 1). Remember the article just needs to be related to the page or post on your site you are pointing people toward – a little goes a long way.

4. Give your subscribers regular offers and some freebies. These are items you think they may be interested in and they don’t always have to have a commission for you in it. Webinars, e-books, a bonus offer for another site you have a joint venture with or a discounted offer you are offering are all good material. You may offer to pay for an action you want your subscribers to look into or you may give away some item to create interest among your subscribers.

Building up to $50 a day will be easier when you have a larger following and will make you more successful. You need to roll up your sleeves, do the work and above all, be patient. It will take some time for your subscriber list to grow and in the meantime, you will need to make your current subscribers happy as they come on board. Focus on long term items like content and value for your customers and they will stick with you for the long run.