Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Keep Your Business From Crashing Like An Airplane: 5 Things You Should Never Do In Your Online Business

Okay here's the straight and skinny: most online business owners crash their own carts by doing things that self-destruct the progress they have made with their business. Here's five things you should never do:

1) Advertise a product simply because its popular. If you are doing niche marketing, this technique is particularly disastrous. Remember your competition? Chances are they have already seized on the product you are trying to promote and sent it to their entire list from day one and got people to look at it. Even if the person decides to buy, the sale will likely go to the first person who got them to the product page --- which is your competition because their cookie is on the person's computer. So you've spent a lot of time advertising for nothing. Try not-so popular products which still have a pull with your audience and stay in contact with your customers so they see it first from you.

2) Sending prospects straight to the product page. Yeah we've all been guilty of this one. Use a squeeze page, please? This person will probably be one of your best customers for life -- if you capture the email from the beginning and use relationship marketing with them. Don't give this precious resource away.

3) Use a crappy auto responder or email response software. This can cost you big time. The answer to this one is a no brainer. Tons of folks have had success with Aweber so why use anything else? Your auto responser is your life line to your list so make it good.

4) Put off blogging until you've got something good to write about. Are you insane? Your readers crave your writing and the more of it you do, the more they will come back. Post about the cat, neighbor down the street, what happened to you yesterday or borrow a headline from something you've seen online and use your creativity to write a post. You don't always need the perfect article and writing more often gives your readers the content they crave.

5) Run your business without a plan or goals to shoot for. Instant business suicide. You will find it hard to focus and get burned out quickly because you will be doing too many of the wrong things. Take time and organize. Make your self a road map and know where you are going. Build a client/customer base because you know what you're going to give them and they know you are going to be there for the long haul.

Got more tips? Is there something you've done that you wish you could pass on to the next home business owner so they don't make the same mistake? If so, leave a comment. We can all help each other and it's a big world out there on the internet. Here's to getting past the stupid mistakes and learning to do it right in 2010!

E, king of nye

P.S. A little jewel I found on You Tube (say thanks fellow gamers). If you do make a mistake, make sure it's not as big as this one!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Get Rich or Be Trying

2010 is almost here and I want to thank all of you who have read the articles Here in my blog. I promise to kick things up a notch in the upcoming year by bringing more new, fresh and intriguing content along with ideas from you, the readers.

Get rich or be trying. Is that the battle cry of many home business owners for the upcoming year? Many experts predict that 2010 will be a good year for home business owners and there is no better time to get a business off the ground than at the start of a new year. Some things you should be looking to do right now:
1) Dusting off the business plan and giving it a rewrite. Analyze where you are and where you want to be in a year from now. Get specific and put down product ideas, marketing strategies and the audience you plan to go after in the new year. In your planning, be sure to target income amounts for growth and above all, how many clients or prospects you want to bring into your business.
2) Looking into improving skills to help your business succeed. This could be a business seminar that you've being wanting to attend, writing skills or sales courses.
3) Writing down short term, long term and intermediate goals. These will help you to keep your focus and get you down to the actual running of your business.
4) Having a talk with your banker, accountant and maybe even your lawyer. Good sound financial options for your business are a consideration and you should talk to your financial team to make sure you are doing the best things financially and legally for your business.

Got the picture? 2010 can be a great year for you and your home business to thrive, survive and meet your goals. Get out the pen, paper and start planning. This could be your best year, ever.

E, king of nye

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice: How and Where to Start Making Money Now

So you're starting an affiliate business and you want tips on how to get started. Here's some good affiliate marketing beginner advice: learn the ropes before you get started and get a feel for the basics. Affiliate marketing has many types and areas you can start in so lets look at the basics.

First, there are many different methods of getting paid in the affiliate marketing business. Pay per click (the best known program here is Google Adsense) is a method where you get paid based on referral advertising from your site or blog. Commissions are smaller and grow based on the flow coming from your site to the sponsoring advertiser. There is also pay per sale (programs like Clickbank) where you get paid for the sale of a product. Pay per sale works best when you get 50% or better of the sale -- I usually shoot for 75% for most products that I sell this way and it works better with a targeted form of promotion. Residual income is based on recruiting others to sell with you or to use and promote the product themselves. It can be single tier, multiple tier or MLM based. Programs with less tiers work better with beginners because they are easier to manage. Pay per lead programs actually pay you to refer people to another site or company. Insurance companies, dating sites, and other client based sellers usually use this method to get business and can pay quite handsomely. These are better suited to single topic blogs or web sites and you may have to adjust your beginner marketing learning curve to get adept at writing since many of these promote using product reviews to attract prospects.

The best affiliate marketing beginner advice I can give you is to start by picking a topic or area in which you can find a niche for yourself and excel in it. This means sorting out what topic you will go after and match up a product that fits well with it. There are whole product lines available and pushing a particular brand may suit your taste and passion. Do your research and try to match up products that are high in demand and you will increase your chances of success. This will help to drive independent affiliate marketing commissions for your business.

Most of all, get into a type of affiliate marketing program you can be enthusiatic and have passion about! This is a tough enough business and like other businesses, it will take time to build into a viable profit enterprise. So stick with it and show your passion about your topic to your prospects and customers. They will love you for it. At the end of this post is the beginning of a series of videos that can help you figure out how and where to start out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creating Personal Marketing Ideas: How to Zero in on Your Niche

Often people follow templates when building a home business. This is smart because it allows you to use other people's success to build your own. However, in today's market, innovation reaps the best rewards both in terms of money and recognition. Everyone is looking for that cutting edge product or new idea that revolutionizes an old idea. So how do you come up with creative personal marketing ideas that get you ahead of your competition?

The simple answer is having genuine single focus commitment toward meeting a set of goals that are clearly defined for yourself and your business. Don't have any goals? Take paper and pen and start making out some short term and long term goals for yourself. Make them concise and clear, make a definite timetable for meeting them and then start the creative juices to flowing.

Once the goals are done the real challenge of creative personal marketing ideas begins. This is self promotion pure and simple. Don't confuse this with tooting your own horn or bragging about yourself. The idea is to get your ideas in your chosen business niche defined and then to make yourself an authority everyone recognizes when they see you. Branding is the chief way to do this and involves having an image or statement people can associate with you.

Another way to get your noticed is by means of having a stunning product creation style that wows people when they see your work. Blogging is an example of this as people value unique and newsworthy content and they will come back time and time again to see what you have created that's new. Putting up fresh content regularly insures this happens which means blogging or a website with new content on a regular basis is a must. I often scour feeds I subscribe to looking for fresh content myself and its something people do all the time online.

Articles, posts and media like video and audio are all ways to generate creative personal marketing ideas. Do a Youtube. Publish an article that will lead people back to your blog or website. Put audio on your page that prompts people to listen to it. The idea is to do something that attracts attention and gets you noticed. This is what the cutting edge internet entrepreneurs of the future are doing and you should start looking at using these techniques to stay ahead of the competition.