Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today is For Lovers AND Workers

Happy Valentine’s day everybody! Hope you got your favorite sweetie some gift or token to show how much they mean to you. I got mine a bouquet of yellow roses (her favorite) and she made me a “lover’s bag”. Anyhow, today I want to talk a little about work ethic when it comes to you and your business. Your business should be a reflection of you – your likes and dislikes, your passion and most of all it should be fun, not slavery. Some good hints for the day:

  • ·         Work for the love of what you do. Choose to be in a business you like and doing something that is rewarding for you. Working just for money will burn you out quickly. That is not to say you shouldn’t consider money in your endeavors, but that you should put items you value most as the foundation of your business.
  • ·         Learn to love your support team. Your fellow marketers, mentors, family, customers, downline and whoever is on your team. Home business relationships are important. Communication is the key to growing your relationships. Make it frequent and positive and see what a difference it makes.
  • ·         Work smart and then smarter. Look at your bottom line and adjust. Never be content to ride month to month on what you’ve always done. Find ways to get better and to be more efficient. Learn new skills that can put you in front of your competition.
  • ·         Love to reach your goals and then – celebrate! Take a little time to celebrate goals when you reach them. Goal setting is something you should look at constantly in your business and when you reach a goal, give yourself a positive reward to celebrate reaching those milestones. I often reward myself with something I like when I work hard and reach a goal just to commemorate the journey.

Learning to love “you” can be the key to making a success in your business. Work hard and then reward yourself along the way. Work with your support team to make it happen and stay in contact with them to nurture those relationships. Make your business a personal passion you can be proud of. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How Taking a Walk Can Help Your Internet Business

By Elridge Jones

Sometimes, it pays to take a breather when you work online. There's a lot of competition out there and certainly it's no cake walk (no pun intended). But the key is not to take things too seriously, relax, have fun and get your creative juices flowing. I recently took a walk the other day myself before I wrote this article and came up with some bits of wisdom I can pass along to the rest of you that will help you in your online endeavors:
  1. Think while you walk. Knowledge is the driver for your business. Internet marketing is no different than the thought processes that drive success in other business. Think of ideas your competition is using and how you can use them for yourself. Think of ways to relate to people on your email lists. Money making and saving ideas are good too. Jot down things to remember for later.
  2. Formulate plans of action from your ideas The best laid plans are no good on a piece of paper - get them out there and act on them. Write that article. Make that Facebook post or tweet on Twitter. Post that ad. Take your ideas and learn to run with them and see how they pan out.
  3. Brainstorm ways to relate to others in your business. Communication is the best way to keep your business growing. From posts in blogs to emails, it's all good. Don't just talk thopugh, learn to listen a little. Listening to a business mentor as well as customers can tune you in to things you would never think of on your own.
  4. Write while you walk. A small memo tablet works well for this. If you are more of a text person, bring your mobile phone along on your walk. Getting pics of the outside world are a great idea if you have your phone - I catch glimpses sometimes to post on blogs and social sites. Be creative and catch those ideas that come to you while you are on the move.
  5. Rehearse your way to success. Practice what you need to do next to grow your business. Say it out loud to yourself while you walk. Read your favorite article (just make sure you bring a copy on your walk). Read your goal list and commit to yourself along the way. Keep your blood pumping and your mental neurons firing.
Getting a fresh perspective can be good sometimes. Practice pulling back and reassessing your work to make sure you stay pointed in the right direction. "To thy own self be true", just remember it's your brand you are building online and what people want to see. Formulate what you need to do and be sure to take action.