Friday, May 7, 2010

Earning A Little Extra in Hard Times

In these tough economic times, running your own shop from home is a difficult prospect. Still, there are ways to make a dollar if you use your common sense and use a well developed formula instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. People are hungry right now for leaders to show them how to work from home and it's a definite trend you can cash in on. Some ideas for you to check out right now:

Cash saving businesses. Right now, people are looking for ideas that will help them get extra mileage out of their dollar. One of the most savvy things I've seen is by a company called Creative Deductible Solutions. The company specializes in a new, unique solution for consumers who have full collision insurance coverage on their cars. It's called Collision Deductible Reserve Plan (CDRP). It helps you to save money by increasing the deductible on your insurance and paying a small amount each month toward the amount of the deductible ($1000). Right now, the company is offering to set up entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell these policies which don't require any expertise and is a relatively cheap business to start.

Old fashion MLM cookie cutter businesses. Many of these you can start for free, follow the directions and start generating income with little or no income. SFI is the best I've seen with great little income producing programs like TripleClicks or EyeEarn which are eye catching and appealing to almost everyone. Just sign up, follow the directions and watch your income start increasing.

Info is king. Information business are celebrating a real revival right now due to people looking for all kinds of specialized information from topics like romance, travel, to things like what insurance to buy or how to save on home improvements. Clickbank is still the granddaddy of info products online and it's the best place to find a niche to specialize and offer to people who are hungry to get info on a particular subject. Affiliate Alert is a great program that can steer you through all the pitfalls if this is something you want to try and it's a steal for under thirty bucks.

Got the picture? Find an idea that you can work for little to nothing, follow the directions and get yourself on the road to making money. Working from home has never been easier and NOW is the time to get started. So stop procrastinating and get yourself in gear right now while the opportunity presents itself.

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