Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today is For Lovers AND Workers

Happy Valentine’s day everybody! Hope you got your favorite sweetie some gift or token to show how much they mean to you. I got mine a bouquet of yellow roses (her favorite) and she made me a “lover’s bag”. Anyhow, today I want to talk a little about work ethic when it comes to you and your business. Your business should be a reflection of you – your likes and dislikes, your passion and most of all it should be fun, not slavery. Some good hints for the day:

  • ·         Work for the love of what you do. Choose to be in a business you like and doing something that is rewarding for you. Working just for money will burn you out quickly. That is not to say you shouldn’t consider money in your endeavors, but that you should put items you value most as the foundation of your business.
  • ·         Learn to love your support team. Your fellow marketers, mentors, family, customers, downline and whoever is on your team. Home business relationships are important. Communication is the key to growing your relationships. Make it frequent and positive and see what a difference it makes.
  • ·         Work smart and then smarter. Look at your bottom line and adjust. Never be content to ride month to month on what you’ve always done. Find ways to get better and to be more efficient. Learn new skills that can put you in front of your competition.
  • ·         Love to reach your goals and then – celebrate! Take a little time to celebrate goals when you reach them. Goal setting is something you should look at constantly in your business and when you reach a goal, give yourself a positive reward to celebrate reaching those milestones. I often reward myself with something I like when I work hard and reach a goal just to commemorate the journey.

Learning to love “you” can be the key to making a success in your business. Work hard and then reward yourself along the way. Work with your support team to make it happen and stay in contact with them to nurture those relationships. Make your business a personal passion you can be proud of. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How Taking a Walk Can Help Your Internet Business

By Elridge Jones

Sometimes, it pays to take a breather when you work online. There's a lot of competition out there and certainly it's no cake walk (no pun intended). But the key is not to take things too seriously, relax, have fun and get your creative juices flowing. I recently took a walk the other day myself before I wrote this article and came up with some bits of wisdom I can pass along to the rest of you that will help you in your online endeavors:
  1. Think while you walk. Knowledge is the driver for your business. Internet marketing is no different than the thought processes that drive success in other business. Think of ideas your competition is using and how you can use them for yourself. Think of ways to relate to people on your email lists. Money making and saving ideas are good too. Jot down things to remember for later.
  2. Formulate plans of action from your ideas The best laid plans are no good on a piece of paper - get them out there and act on them. Write that article. Make that Facebook post or tweet on Twitter. Post that ad. Take your ideas and learn to run with them and see how they pan out.
  3. Brainstorm ways to relate to others in your business. Communication is the best way to keep your business growing. From posts in blogs to emails, it's all good. Don't just talk thopugh, learn to listen a little. Listening to a business mentor as well as customers can tune you in to things you would never think of on your own.
  4. Write while you walk. A small memo tablet works well for this. If you are more of a text person, bring your mobile phone along on your walk. Getting pics of the outside world are a great idea if you have your phone - I catch glimpses sometimes to post on blogs and social sites. Be creative and catch those ideas that come to you while you are on the move.
  5. Rehearse your way to success. Practice what you need to do next to grow your business. Say it out loud to yourself while you walk. Read your favorite article (just make sure you bring a copy on your walk). Read your goal list and commit to yourself along the way. Keep your blood pumping and your mental neurons firing.
Getting a fresh perspective can be good sometimes. Practice pulling back and reassessing your work to make sure you stay pointed in the right direction. "To thy own self be true", just remember it's your brand you are building online and what people want to see. Formulate what you need to do and be sure to take action.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Correct Way to Build Your Home Network Marketing Business

Life in the corporate world can be a nightmare and many folks would truly love to work from home. These days, commuting is such a problem especially with the high gas prices, and so many other people looking for jobs may be causing you to feel insecure and unhappy and worried if you are going to be replaced by someone who will take a lower income.

All those folks looking for employment are really becoming a danger to you and your personal security.

So many corporations are disposing of loyal and experienced workers, only to replace them with folks that are content to get the job done for far less than you are being paid! These companies don't deserve commitment at all; all they care about is their bottom line!

Home network marketing is something you can commence today while you have your other job. You can build it up with the purpose of making enough income for you put aside for emergencies, and to finally replace your income if you do get ousted from your current job.

Many people have begun a home network marketing business and are doing very well with it. The big issue is that so many people fail because they either don't put enough effort into it, they select a bad system to follow that doesn't work for them, or they treat their business rather more like a pastime, to be attended to just when they feel like it.

So do the opposite and put the chances of success in your favor. Treat your new home network marketing business like a real business. Schedule time to take the actions wanted to move your business forward in your off hours and on weekends.

Make a commitment to oneself and your folks to do whatever is obligatory and appropriate to make a profit both short term and long term. Be the manager you know you must become.

No more buying pricey and uncomfortable business clothing, no more wasting 10 hours a week stuck in traffic, no more eating unhealthy junk food lunches, and definitely no more working late for free . No more getting home so beat that you can't have a reasonable conversation or relax and have a great time with your friends and family. Oh and family vacations, can you remember those? All you have to do is take your laptop computer or tablet along with you, and you are going to be able to go on as many vacations as you need - just do one or two hours a day and relax and live life the way life is meant to be.

Can you grasp that picture in your mind's eye? That's a start! Do you actually have a sales background? Do you cope with the general public every day in a sales situation? If not, you can learn. The right network company can teach you if you are willing to learn. Open your horizons and you are off to the races.

If you want to line up a home network marketing business there are selection of things that you will have to do. Don't spend hours fishing around online for good concepts, you could waste irreplaceable time and just finish up confused and annoyed. It's totally simple to waste a lot of cash too.

Here is the secret to greatness in the "work from home network marketing" area find somebody who's already successful in attaining the results which you hope to reach yourself, team up with them and learn what they do and how they are doing it all you have got to do is replicate their techniques. That's it. Building a moneymaking network marketing business of your own can be just that simple, it is unimportant what you want to plug.

Sales and marketing is the key - not what you're promoting. There are many online systems you need to use to generate a good flow of leads, qualify those leads instantly, produce a nice stream of income regardless if they join your business or not, and literally grow your business on auto pilot.

Here's a great home network marketing lead generation system I highly suggest. It's called MLM Lead System Pro and it's a total package. I've talked about it before in the blog and this is your opportunity to take it for a spin and try it out. Click on the link below, get started in your home network business and start living your dreams right now.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Be Successful at Generating Leads And Commissions For Your Business

A lot of online marketers have difficulty in the region associated with producing qualified prospects for business. Lots of emphasis is placed on about actively enjoying the numbers pool regarding incorporating individuals to a listing of potential customers. Optimization could be a very time consuming method for you as a common internet marketer. For this reason, I suggest using a system which employs making use of automated MLM lead generation methods. These enable you to concentrate on maintenance and subsequent follow up on your prospect. The industry of doing follow up is more lucrative usage of your time and effort.

The key message is to pay attention to a method that may provide specific qualified prospects leading to groups of people you would like to contact. Magnetic attraction prospecting is about using such a type program. I prefer it because it is creates upfront attraction advertising that can bring people to your company rather than forcing you to chase after qualified prospects and prospects. Mike Dillard created this technique that produces income avenues for your company. At the same time, this creates quality network marketing qualified prospects.

A fantastic element in selecting an automatic MLM leads technique is working in the moment. You'll need a method that won’t require a bunch of time for you to run. Great systems guide you step-by-step and save the trouble of doing everything personally.

One more aspect of the excellent product is it's instructional value. Many web marketers lead with the concept of as to "how". However, the real value is in what to market plus a good system; this takes extra time to teach. There's a myriad of methods who promise significant results, however these programs simply supply filler material and bare claims. Do your research and be sure you will find one that will give you a fantastic basis within insider type internet marketing strategies.

Personalization needs to be a crucial a section of the marketing. A good method will promote you as an individual, your website, along with your major online marketing company. This is a huge challenge with regard to second-rate methods. Look closely at exactly the method provided for marketing. If it doesn’t do anything whatsoever for branding your business, it’s not for you.

Excellent prospecting techniques permit team development, a critical aspect in many internet marketing organizations. A team building element will assist you to look at individuals who are in your business, how to get in touch with them and teach specific training techniques, and enable you to track and qualify metrics happening within your business enterprise.

The kind of system I personally use is MLSP the industry most excellent automated MLM lead generator method. This gives you a great selection of tools and an excellent method on just how to market your company. It contains a library of education through industry experts, an internet marketing boot camp, and several choices for training on lead generation for instance Facebook, Twitter, running a blog and much more.

A recommended place for you to start with this program is by not necessarily changing the actual controls. You can be successful generating excellent MLM leads as well as the process isn't hard. Utilize proven methods to attain getting prospects to your business, get the right education and see how easy lead generation can be.

Tribe Marketing Strategies Disclosed - Is Tribe Marketing a Trend?

Historically, tribe marketing has meant promoting products and services within a specific social group - like promoting only to stay at home moms or to disabled vets. The idea has been to increase results by making your marketing fit inside a tribal community better by talking the same language if you will. But online tribe marketing means something totally different. Here is a short list of benefits:

* Automated Back link Syndication
* Automated Facebook Integration
* Automated Twitter Integration
* Automated Blog User Collaboration
* Automated SEO Processes
* Automated Live Traffic Systems
* Increased ROI

A Deeper Look at Tribe Marketing

Increasing exposure is the name of the game when it comes to marketing any business both offline or online.

Goods and services simply do not sell themselves. Online driven targeted traffic to your sales pages, your blog articles and posts in social media outlets is critical.

One extremely effective way to do this offline has been to form advertising or marketing cooperatives. Here is where you collaborate with other non-competing players and share the price tag and rewards of a joint promotion. Maybe you split costs and share a full-page ad, each running a half-page ad.

Now imagine getting together with a "tribe" composed from dozens, even tons of like-minded marketing consultants with the aim of auto-syndicating their material and, in exchange, having them auto-syndicate your content to their network of social bookmarking accounts, Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 properties.

Tribe marketing is a huge content syndication platform.

Automated Social Media Marketing on Steroids

To take full advantage of the tribe marketing idea you must be prepared and able to mechanically share other member's content thru a spread of social media networks.

The concept is the content you share, the more content your tribe marketing team members will share of yours.

To take full advantage of this new tribe marketing concept, you'll need to embrace the auto-syndication model.

How do marketeers benefit exactly?

Getting your value-based content and sales offers to rank high up on the leading search engine results page ( SERPS ) is the holy grail when it comes to captivating highly-targeted prospects and potential customers.

And while many considerations contribute to how well your content ranks, maybe the strongest factor are back links from other authority websites and pages.

As other tribe members share your content to their personal networks, you get the advantage of an implied endorsement.

This can mean more direct traffic, leads and easier sales.

One of the least obvious benefits are the potential relationships you create within your marketing tribe. Like you, these folks are marketing specialists always looking to increase profitability so think "partnership potential" and joint ventures.

Tribe Marketing on the Fast Lane

You have two basic selections. You can set up your own "tribe" and distribution processes or you can join an existing tribe with a full-blown system already in place.

You can form your own tribe by making a new forum, Buddy Press site or other social media site and invite folks to take part.

This will require some primary coding and marketing on your part as the administrator, you can establish your own rules of participation and syndication.

Better yet, you can join an already established tribe marketing platform like TribePro and be set up to start sharing and having your content shared literally within a couple of minutes. It's free. It's fast. It's simple.

Check it out and join the tribe marketing revolution today. And if you are actually serious about taking your business to the next level, see also MLSP for the Web best lead generation platform.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Make the Best Facebook Fan Pages for Advertising Your Business

If there's a common thread which goes through a large number of internet marketing accounts of success, aside from the effort and hard work element, the desire for individuality and innovation is about the most prominent.

The best Facebook Fan pages achieve that very element. Just because there are no two prosperous businesses offline that are exactly the same, Facebook has given the thumbs up to business owners to be able to bring their advertising and marketing projects to new heights. These businesses excel by constructing highly original and content rich pages that can be compared to WordPress blog designs or perhaps a top Squidoo lens. It is true many online web designers are offering expert creations for Facebook business pages and some of these are certainly cost-effective ways of getting widely known on Facebook. Based upon on your kind of business, you can adapt a lot of these designs to fit your plans perfectly.

It is a snap to combine amazing layouts in your Facebook business site as well instructional videos, and mp3 sound bites, along with other interactive components, as well as the traditional options you can incorporate in a Facebook business page.

Seven Hundred Million People Can't Be Wrong

I don't believe that anyone could possibly have dreamed how Facebook would've grown after its early days, but it is still growing and the people that run Facebook are eager to keep ahead of technology. To that end, no business, either big or small, can pass up the opportunity to grow and develop a large Facebook fan base. By having any of the unique Facebook themes created specifically for use in your small business, there is no reason why your online efforts won't benefit from the attention of many of those millions of fans.

Unlike the internet, if you want to advertise on Facebook by using their comprehensive demographics you'll be able to target your ads at highly qualified people without having to feel concerned far too much about search engine optimization and other complications which compel web entrepreneurs to keep up with Google's ceaseless algorithm tweaks. In Facebook if a person likes you they are going stay a Fan providing you treat them right and give each of them what they desire.

The Best Facebook Fan Page - Unique is Good

Lady Gaga is good, but would she have been as popular if she didn't dress in all of those crazy outfits?

Take a leaf out of her experience, your Facebook Fan page can look like Lady Gaga - if that craziness is could possibly be suited to your online business and eventually be among the best sites on Facebook.

Everyone is on the lookout for new and totally different right now, it can be challenging to compose something that is totally unique, but with the correct research as well as some testing, you may possibly be able to come up with a Facebook Fan page that becomes one of the most visited pages. People connect and that's what you want above all on a social media site -some of the weirdest videos on YouTube have gone viral, and your hope is your Facebook fan page may do the same.

Study Your Competitors

Part of your research when you opt to start a Facebook fan page, is snooping around on the best Fan pages to see the key reasons why they are so well received and having a look at your competitors̢۪ sites to find out which aspects you can incorporate as well as which may be made better.

Of course these Fan pages have come about for a reason - don't lose sight of that, you happen to be creating this to generate income and build up your customer base, so what you may implement should be an effective tool to that end. Could you build one of the best Facebook Fan pages? Effectively using Facebook to market can be a challenge. Getting good Facebook marketing training for how to market your business or product is essential.

Is it Right What They Are Saying About "Your Wish Is Your Command"?

Many individuals these days are on the lookout for a way not only to become made but to become spiritually happy too.

Is it possible that 10 CD's could change somebody's life and divulge the hidden secrets to making fabulous sums of money in a short amount of time?

Is Kevin Trudeau's CD course entitled Your Wish Is Your Command honestly the way to becoming fabulously well off? Below we'll set out some of our thoughts on this program, some positive, and some not so positive.

Hopefully this will help you to choose whether this course is good for you.

The Advantages

There are folk who truly do believe in the law of attraction, which simply boils down to you getting what you need if you actually want it. Whatever it is : a hunky new partner, sounder health, fantastic wealth - you get the idea, and according to Mr. Trudeau after listening to his CDs you can better attract those things you actually want.

Mr. Trudeau says that everything that has been written before about the Law of Attraction is just a little taste of what is to come in his course.

This course starts off to give new insights about maximizing the supposed powers of the Law of Attraction. The set is based on a collection of lectures that were recorded by Kevin Trudeau and for which attendees paid $10,000 each! Bearing that in mind the price of this course is only $300, it could appear like an absolute bargain. Mr. Trudeau also claims that some of these so-called techniques were gained while an affiliate of certain secret societies who use the law of attraction to become fabulously loaded.

Another course that is fabulously popular on the law of attraction is Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring. I can personally attest to the great material contained in it as I have used much of the material in my own business. Mike also has a great support system and follow up for people who take the plunge and purchase the product. As of this writing, the cost of the program is $39.95 which is very reasonable and affordable.

The Drawback of Your Wish Is Your Command

For many years, the program has been available but there's no definite proof regarding whether the program works or not.

There aren't any material manifestations or tangible tools presented so as to prove that earning $10,000 in twenty-four hours is feasible. When buying this type of instructional audio books, one should be aware of the fact that they're bare tools to help one in attaining his dreams or wishes. It is not like buying a magical item, for example a ring or a lamp with a genie that will be able to grant all your wishes in an instant.

While the Law of Attraction can hurry along the process of achieving wealth, this can be an insurmountable problem if one will not take action and work tirelessly to meet and surpass goals.

Is Your Wish Is Your Command actually worth a monetary investment? Well it's your decision to make that call. It could be the one course that you may ever need - you'll jump up and become an immediate success overnight, but who knows? Like anything, it's horses for courses. You might spend the remainder of your life reading books about the concept of getting wealthy, but till you get up and deal with it, nothing is ever going to work, except maybe a winning Powerball ticket.