Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looking Up From the Bottom...

Been a while since I updated here and I promise to do better. Seems to have been a lifetime since I made a post here so here we go. Today's topic is the proverbial auto responder and how it can get you from looking up from the bottom in your home business to building a solid client base you can be proud of. First, let's start with the basics.

You must build a communication network for your business. Phone calls, emails, meetings and other forms of communication all play a part, but the most important part of this is having a database to keep up with everything. This where the auto responder comes in. It makes it easy to keep up with it all. People add themselves as they find you and you can keep up with what they are interested in, the last piece of communication they received from you, and manage where to plug them in with the next item that they need from your business.

Aweber is by far the best auto responder I've seen for the price. You can use their system for around $20 boucks a month to start and it's hard to beat. You can run several campaigns, go back and check out individual subscribers and keep tabs on loads of data like responses from your emails and who is opening them.

So when you get that home business going, plug in the auto responder as soon as you can. It will definitely be a plus for your business and give you a lot of guidance on where you need to be putting your efforts.