Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Internet Marketing - Optimizing Your Site For Success

Small business internet marketing isn't about building a website and then hoping for the best. People will only visit your site after you get into the practice of working and maintaining your website regularly.

The foundation of any successful website is the thoughtful selection of keywords. You will never be successful if you choose keywords that attract millions of searchers that puts your site in competition with lots of higher ranking sites. If you sell shoes, you can't go head to head with, Payless Shoes or any other great corporations that are already in that business. You have got to look for an underutilized segment or "niche" within that overall heading of shoes, such as "pink stilettos" and then use it as a keyword. These keywords called "long tail keywords" or "keyword phrases" will instantly get you further up the major search engines than by simply using the word "shoes". Google's Keyword tool is perfect location for people just starting out to find under-used phrases or long tail keywords.

By entering the phrase "pink stilettos" Google's keyword tool will tell you just how many searches there has been during the past month for that particular phrase, both worldwide and in the US. If you need to conduct a much more in-depth key phrase analysis there are a number of other programs you can get. The program I use is a tool called Market Samurai. Market Samurai is a great user friendly tool that is very powerful and allows you to literally put your site on the first page in the major search engines. Whichever tool you choose you'll have to pay very close attention to the results you get from it and choose what keywords you will be targeting for your articles.

If a keyword returns around five thousand searches a month or more, that's the optimum amount of traffic you are looking for. The choice of using either local or worldwide search results is totally dependent upon the product you are promoting. You must be on the first page of the search engines to make a difference and it will take a large amount of persistence and tough work on your part to get there. The reason you want to be on page one is that's where the real money is being made.

Google looks for websites that are updated regularly and contain content that is relevant to the theme of the site. By incorporating your selected keyword into your nicely-crafted articles and submitting them every day or two will keep robots and visitors coming back. Keywords should be incorporated in the 1st and last paragraphs with a handful in the body of the article. If you incorporate Google Adwords on your internet site, those keywords will trigger suitable adverts and additional income.

The second part of the site traffic equation is back links. These are the biggest issue of any website owner. There isn't any easy method to get around building good important back links. Don't even consider purchasing back links from a link farm. Google knows all about link farm and will severely penalize you for using them. There aren't any WordPress plug-ins for building back links, only ones that get you back links through "do follow" blogs - not the way you want to get back links.

Article marketing is a great way to get back links as most article directory sites allow you to have one link to your website. Be prepared to submit handy and topical articles, either directly to an article marketing site, or to several via a "hub" that can distribute your articles to several article sites. Doing this doesn't cost a great deal of money and is a very efficient way of posting articles. You should utilize a good article marketing software tool such as AMR to produce the greatest results from your article promotions.

Small internet business marketing involves many other methodologies we won't cover here but the above points are the most important and most cost-effective for getting started. Want to professionally build your business and put it on autopilot? It's time to get smart, stop reinventing the wheel and do what successful people in this business do everyday. Use a system like MyLeadSystemPro that can do the heavy lifting for you and incorporate all the tools you need in one place. It's a turn key system that can shoot your small business right to the top.




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  2. Thanks for your comment David. Picking up where I left off from and looking forward to meeting many new friends like you.