Friday, June 8, 2012

How To Be Successful At Generating Leads And Commissions

There are a lot of internet experts out there telling you that the best way to be successful at  building your business would be to concentrate on doing it on the internet. And they would be right - the internet is the best medium you can use for getting new leads and prospects. But how do you stop the "run and chase after' game of getting people to look at your business? You have to have a game plan and you have to be executing it on a regular basis to attract people who will seek you out and who want what you have.

Getting Past the #1 Problem - Learning the 

Internet Marketing Business the Right Way

If you want to build a system to generate leads and commissions, you got to learn 1-2 methods of marketing online. Traffic is the name of the game and it's more science than luck. You need people that are actively seeking your product or service out and they need to see your lead page. Period. You are not looking for the person wanting to buy a bunch of celery (unless that's the business you are in).

You need to get qualified visitors every day to your page and you need lots of them. In addition, you need proven lead pages that will convert those visitors into qualified leads that sign up. This will give you a never ending source of leads - people that want what you have and who want to know how to get it.

Here are some good converting lead pages I use:

If you built pages like this, it would take you time to build the pages, test them out, and to put them up. You can do what I do and save the time and frustration of generating leads and commissions. Using this system has been the best decision I've made since being an internet marketer and I know it can help you too.

How to Solve the #2 Biggest Problem: 

How Do I Make Money When I Have to Spend It 

In the First Place?

Having this problem is a big reason a lot of internet marketers give up and quit. I too have tried to avoid buying products like autoresponders,  domain names, lead capture page systems, marketing and such. If this is your problem, read on...

What keeps us from doing these things to make our business a success? I think it's because we don't have the reliance in believing we can earn enough to cover these costs. It's quite a challenge and hurdle that's hard to overcome. So what do you do? Answer:

You have to have faith in yourself!!!

First, concentrate on mastering 1-2 marketing strategies  guaranteed to get you that traffic you need to generate leads and commissions. Then, you are on the way and in the fast lane to being a success. For me, the best ways to market are by article writing and blogging (very simple and amazingly very effective).

If you need a guide to show you how to get started right away and cut through all the hurdles and crap, hit me up on Facebook and send me a friend request. I promise you, you'll never believe how simple it is to do things the right way for a change and see some real results that will have the leads and commissions rolling in.

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