Thursday, December 10, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Beginner Advice: How and Where to Start Making Money Now

So you're starting an affiliate business and you want tips on how to get started. Here's some good affiliate marketing beginner advice: learn the ropes before you get started and get a feel for the basics. Affiliate marketing has many types and areas you can start in so lets look at the basics.

First, there are many different methods of getting paid in the affiliate marketing business. Pay per click (the best known program here is Google Adsense) is a method where you get paid based on referral advertising from your site or blog. Commissions are smaller and grow based on the flow coming from your site to the sponsoring advertiser. There is also pay per sale (programs like Clickbank) where you get paid for the sale of a product. Pay per sale works best when you get 50% or better of the sale -- I usually shoot for 75% for most products that I sell this way and it works better with a targeted form of promotion. Residual income is based on recruiting others to sell with you or to use and promote the product themselves. It can be single tier, multiple tier or MLM based. Programs with less tiers work better with beginners because they are easier to manage. Pay per lead programs actually pay you to refer people to another site or company. Insurance companies, dating sites, and other client based sellers usually use this method to get business and can pay quite handsomely. These are better suited to single topic blogs or web sites and you may have to adjust your beginner marketing learning curve to get adept at writing since many of these promote using product reviews to attract prospects.

The best affiliate marketing beginner advice I can give you is to start by picking a topic or area in which you can find a niche for yourself and excel in it. This means sorting out what topic you will go after and match up a product that fits well with it. There are whole product lines available and pushing a particular brand may suit your taste and passion. Do your research and try to match up products that are high in demand and you will increase your chances of success. This will help to drive independent affiliate marketing commissions for your business.

Most of all, get into a type of affiliate marketing program you can be enthusiatic and have passion about! This is a tough enough business and like other businesses, it will take time to build into a viable profit enterprise. So stick with it and show your passion about your topic to your prospects and customers. They will love you for it. At the end of this post is the beginning of a series of videos that can help you figure out how and where to start out.

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  1. You make this sound so easy. I dont know why this does not click (no pun intended - LOL) for me, but I just cant wrap my mind around affiliate marketing. This is a great article.