Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creating Personal Marketing Ideas: How to Zero in on Your Niche

Often people follow templates when building a home business. This is smart because it allows you to use other people's success to build your own. However, in today's market, innovation reaps the best rewards both in terms of money and recognition. Everyone is looking for that cutting edge product or new idea that revolutionizes an old idea. So how do you come up with creative personal marketing ideas that get you ahead of your competition?

The simple answer is having genuine single focus commitment toward meeting a set of goals that are clearly defined for yourself and your business. Don't have any goals? Take paper and pen and start making out some short term and long term goals for yourself. Make them concise and clear, make a definite timetable for meeting them and then start the creative juices to flowing.

Once the goals are done the real challenge of creative personal marketing ideas begins. This is self promotion pure and simple. Don't confuse this with tooting your own horn or bragging about yourself. The idea is to get your ideas in your chosen business niche defined and then to make yourself an authority everyone recognizes when they see you. Branding is the chief way to do this and involves having an image or statement people can associate with you.

Another way to get your noticed is by means of having a stunning product creation style that wows people when they see your work. Blogging is an example of this as people value unique and newsworthy content and they will come back time and time again to see what you have created that's new. Putting up fresh content regularly insures this happens which means blogging or a website with new content on a regular basis is a must. I often scour feeds I subscribe to looking for fresh content myself and its something people do all the time online.

Articles, posts and media like video and audio are all ways to generate creative personal marketing ideas. Do a Youtube. Publish an article that will lead people back to your blog or website. Put audio on your page that prompts people to listen to it. The idea is to do something that attracts attention and gets you noticed. This is what the cutting edge internet entrepreneurs of the future are doing and you should start looking at using these techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

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  1. Ingenuity...excellent description there of. We often forget about the clever side of bring attention to what we are trying to make money doing. Excellent.