Friday, February 27, 2009

The Right Way to Run an Online Campaign

Online campaigns each have their own unique flavor and character. The reason for this is simple. Think of them as a bullet looking for a single target. The bullet represents your campaign and the target is your target buyer.

Often internet marketer mistakes with campaigns can be costly. Many of us try to pack too much into a campaign or use a 'buckshot' approach to getting the job done. Joel Therien has a great video that demonstrates some of the common mistakes marketers make and how they can be overcome.

A lot of what goes behind a successful campaign is simple planning. Start with the end in mind. What type of person is going to want your product? Where do they hang out online? What techniques can you use to grab their attention?

The other half of this process is producing the web page copy for your advertisement. In the traffic exchanges, the answer to this one is simple: Use a clear cut lead capture page with a killer headline and you will get sign ups. If you are using another ad medium such as a classified, banner or text ad, they should lead either to the lead capture page or a squeeze sales page with a call to action button or link.

As always, the success is in the follow up. Be sure to give the prospect a way to purchase the service or product right away if they want it up front. If they do not purchase right away, let your autoresponder do the heavy lifting and marketing for you. Remember simpler is better and your prospects of making a sale go up when the amount of prospects in your sales funnel goes up.

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