Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing Your Network income

If you are like me, you stay busy and find the need to focus and prioritize stuff all the time. Most part-time internet marketers have to do this because if you don't, the time you spend on your business goes for nought. Getting into a routine and concentrating on the right things is how you build your network income.

So what do you need to concentrate on? Here's some bright ideas:

1) Focus on bringing new blood to the group. This is probably the number 1 activity you should be working on and is the reason a lot of marketers fail. Adding new people on your autoresponder list is the most critical aspect of recruiting online. You then have to make sure that your follow up messages are doing the job of turning these into sign ups. The target if you're in the building mode is to work up to getting 5-10 people on your list everyday and if you are part-time, this means 80% of your time should be spent here. Getting good and having a top notch traffic and leads system will get you here.

2) Providing the proper training for new hires. You should stress training for the new people in your group and motivate them to action. If your newbies are staying busy in activities like recruiting and learning about setting up their own system to bring people to the group, this means the pipeline will stay full and the income has nowhere to go but up. I often tell people starting with me that they need to dedicate to a 10-15 hour a week work ethic to be successful.

3) Educating yourself and keeping abreast of trends and niches in the business. You have to stay a step ahead of the competition and know what to answer people when they ask about certain aspects of your business. This means reading and listening to books and tapes that help with your personal development skills you need for network marketing. Recommending tools like books and tapes to your group isn't a bad idea and will help them with their own personal development.

You will also have to watch cash flow when you are looking at how your business develops each month. Watch what you spend on ads and promotional materials and make sure these are producing in relation to what you are paying for them. Plow some of what you earned back into your business and keep working at it checking to make sure you reach your goals on time.
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