Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog For Profit Ideas: Hobby Websites That Pay

The big idea on line is social marketing. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are sweeping the internet because people want to connect to others like them. An outgrowth of this are personal blogs. One of the best blog for profit ideas are around hobby websites you can build for yourself. Here are some great ideas you can use.

  • Building a site around something you love to do. Hobby websites are quite a niche online. Love to put together model boats? Do you love to ski? What about your favorite video game? All these are ideas you can use as a topic for your blog.

  • Review and comparison sites. If you are looking at equipment or supplies for your hobby, this is a great blog for profit idea. Be sure to do your reseaarch and present your info in an easy to understand fashion like a table, pictogram, or graphic. Understand your audience and build your readership around it.

  • Using ad revenue to run your site. Google, Amazon, Adbrite, etc. are all good examples of companies that pay you for traffic from your site. Being an affiliate for sites like Commission Junction is also a good way to build income into your blog. Your links do need to be relevant to your content and you need to check them regularly to be sure they work. In addition, advertisers like Google have rules you need to follow closely like privacy policy, ad placement and more.

  • When putting your personal website together as a blog, be sure to look at all your options. Blogger and WordPress are two good options to consider for free sites (There are limitations to each such as subject topics and advertising so check into them before yu use them). Cheap hosts are also a good idea as many of them allow you to use a platform such as WordPress to build your site. I use Global Domains International for many of my blogs and I highly recommend them as a host.

  • Putting posts together is another process for making your blog a success. Unique content is what the search engines look for and you want to keep that in mind when you write. Doing some research on your topics is a must but remember not to plagiarize from others. Blogging for profit ideas can be found everywhere. Placing content from sites such as YouTube into your blog is another way to make it fresh and alive.

Remember your favorite hobbies are great subjects for a blog. Your passion will show through in your writing and you should be able to connect with your readers as many of them will connect with your hobby. My newest blog actually deals with my favorite video game and it is a great idea to use. What's your favorite hobby? Get to mining the gold mine around your hobby and let your writing shine.

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